Arsenal Sinking Like The Titanic

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New Podcast: Arsenal is sinking like the Titanic, critically damaged but the band is still playing.

  • No quick-fix available.
  • Sinking into relegation danger.
  • Freddie Ljunberg unlikely to survive.
  • Key players have been lost because the Kroenkes refuse to spend big on wages.
  • More likely to leave as there is no prospect of winning trophies or European football.
  • No money to spend as the club falls out of Europe.

The future is grim. Is there any hope?

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45 comments on “Arsenal Sinking Like The Titanic

  1. You’re in for a shock then George.


  2. Due to the pathetic quality and standard of play I have decided to finally cut all ties to The Arsenal, including unsubscribing from this site.

    Goodbye and good luck.


  3. Arsenal will return Bob MAC, but there is work to do, permanent manager, perhaps structural changes, confidence, defending as a team, and sadly, in the summer, probably losing good players who may have offers elsewhere. Superstars and close to it want more than this team are offering, a fact of life.
    Some are saying we should take inspiration from Everton’s performance yesterday, but the reality, if our players put in that many tackles , we would finish with 2-3 red cards.
    And back to our old friend Mike Dean at the Hammers , for the third time this season. Staggered nobody at the club seems to be complaining about the number of games certain refs are fixing for us this season.
    I wonder if we might bounce back against an unexpected team with the players feeling they have nothing to lose, having done so badly against so called lesser teams? If not, we will start 2020 in or near the relegation places.
    Not easy running a club without Wenger is it Stan/ Josh? might want to look closer at one or two of those who are supposedly running it, and perhaps put a proper CEO in place?

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  4. Really interesting talk. Thanks.

    Im not yure about the Leicester thing but Im sure none of us can be bothered to go into it. Its a bit knackering to keep going into it all.

    Im sure a few sugar daddios are smaking their lips in anticipation.

    This wouldnt have happened at Bayern. Why? Because the dont employ people who know nix about football.We aer run by people who are hard of understanding when it comes ot football.
    Emery isnt a team coach, hes a personality, a small narcissist that is more interested in his image as a world coach.

    Certainly we have failed as world football force at this point. We need a small revolution within the club, and kick out the bloated spoilt side that we have.

    Look at teams like Wolves and Sheffield U, they are a more solid unit than we are, they dont have that spoilt side to them.

    Its shocking how much dmage has been done.

    Theres a lot riding on the Wham game for sure.

    Got to admit the last bit had me laughing out loud though.


  5. FH, do you have any articles in you? I could do with a dose of your medicine, and how you see things?

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  6. Too much doom and gloom in Gunner-sphere and your podcast Shotta & PG. Outside England, Arsenal games are still being shown as usual. I feel even with the imbalance in the team we have more than enough to recover in the league.

    Adjust formation and have the confidence to stick to it and our results will improve. Like I mentioned a few days ago, play one of our six CBs as DM (Luiz & Chambers most likely) to stabilize the shaky defense.
    Rotate the other CMs (Xhaka, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ainsley, Willock, Ceballos) and let Özil do his thing linking the attackers.

    It’s been only 2 games with Freddie. After UE and the negativity that dethroned AW, plus the lack of a proper DM since like 2007, the imbalance persevered for too long.

    You can hate the letting go of Jack, Rambo and Santi but from their injury to appearances to wages situation it made enough sense to let them go. Where I fully disagree with the Kroenkes and their lackeys is in their absolute prioritization of profit over the quality of football. By not plugging that key flaw in AW’s formation, plonking 72m on Pépé but trying to force Özil out, loaning out Mkhi and selling Iwobi they clearly do not know enough about football.

    That we ended up a 1-owner club is probably the worst thing that could have happened to the Arsenal but we have to live with it. Raoul is not the man to guide things for sure and I imagine AW’s message to the fans about “guarding the soul of the club” was directed at the impending incompetence.


  7. One of biggest worries this season is that if we don’t pick up soon we could have the reverse of when a pgmol favourite for the year gets within sight of something big, ie Leicester and Spurs title pursuits in recent years, Liverpool this.

    I wouldn’t like to see what they’re capable of if the prospect of relegation is very real with 10 or so games to go.

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  8. Anyone else in same boat as me by way of being less into football generally than at any point in their supporting lives?

    I expect much of it is down to the normal engagement with rival clubs fortunes not being there at present. Chelsea, Spurs, Utd drop points and there is none of the normal pleasure. It means little or nothing to us at the moment with the form we’re in.

    Yesterday’s derby was type of match I can normally enjoy for spectacle but even with that I was struggling to concentrate. All very strange for me as football has occupied big part of life since I was about 8 years old, so 30 years.

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  9. Football in general? Yes Rich. Arsenal I struggled with in 84-85, and only went to about ten games ( my memory which might be unreliable says there were often low attendances and it seemed a tough time for Arsenal in general), it sort of took a back burner as I was getting into new things in life, and them thar days everything was hard work and clicks werent involved. We often lose what we gain?
    I think its a good point though. Footballs seems a bit horrible at the moment, Stews post was quite interesting, although I see why many might not agree with what he was saying. I think there was a nugget of gold in there. I suppose its about how you view your relationship with Arsenal.
    Im worried by the amount of cliches in the game, in and around, clashing with the ways things were and are and how people want them. For many teams its no joyful ride, maybe only really Liverpool? Perhaps Wolves or Sheffield utd are having a good time.
    I remain a bit sceptical of George and Shottas chat, the futures difficult to see or impossible, it could go how they say or not. Im not getting in the lifeboats but Im heading for the Happy bus, and its not called the Carpathia!
    Many older fans know worse than this, but for many newer this is their first taste of ‘difficult’ times at Arsenal, I personally feel the club needs all hands on pumps to get the shitty water out, it needs a bit of calm and more support and less pressure. Most be tough for people though who don’t know this as their world is seemingly coming apart.
    But maybe this is the real transition and not Emery? Surfs down, but it always comes up.
    Certainly it feels claustrophobic and cliched and not much room to breathe. More and more people have invested their lives and emotions into the game, in which few did years ago.
    Whats happening to us all teams face, sooner or later. One thing Ive learnt from football is its always changing, never the same and unless fixed difficult to predict. Maybe the guys are right with what going to happen, but maybe they are wrong. Who would have thought up what Wenger did in the first six years or so on the top of the GG teams/Rioch sides?
    Im with the Guns to what seems the end, even if it means i cant be online anymore with the fear and negativity ( I do understand and often feel the same, but surely we have to try and save our own butts?), but how much has the online life been a big fill for the empty areas outside of games? I feel burnt out with it all tbh Rich and want to just watch or listen to the games, Im only a small person with no say in anything.
    All things change, who can say for sure good or bad? But who needs advice like that when they are suffering and can see a way out?
    Feels like the actually game is the loser in it all, the football seems generally a bit less exciting. One thing I did like was watching Duncan Fergusons post game presser.
    Hope it gets better for you, and for us all. And even if its the worse, that that is stil enjoyable.
    A mate of mine at school was put in the Arsenal supporters club at three months old by his Dad, so he was and still is a big Arsenal fan ( runs a pub in Islington), he went to one of the NLD’s at the Spuds years and years ago ( over thirty or that much at least) and we got whipped 5-1 or something. I asked him how it was : ” magic, even though we lost”.

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  10. Cheers Kenneth. Enjoyed reading that.

    I’m not actually that down in dumps over it at moment, partly because it’s been a busy few weeks for me, partly because Wenger’s exit made it a less personal and painful thing for me.

    Strangeness is the predominant feeling, though I am missing the up’s from better times and from enjoying the sport in general.

    Probably biggest thing is that over time I built up a greater and greater desire to understand game, and that was a big part of watching football from around globe, normally with an eye to Arsenal , and especially in connection to players we could sign, could improve us, etc. At present that’s all pretty much stopped.

    I’m reasonably open-minded about what future could hold though. If nothing else, we all know perfectly well a change of ownership can completely and utterly transform a club, and that will always be a possibility for us. So nothing is set in stone.

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  11. I don’t think we did to bad against Brighton, I think we have remember the context and the starting point. Unai had run the team into the ground in the year and a half he was there, it was even a pale reflection of Arsene’s team that come sixth (his worst ever finish)
    We good in flashes and I have more optimism after these last two games than I’ve had all season.
    I also think once we start winning then the upward curve will be steady but sure even against sides like city. I still think on our day we can beat any side in this league including pool.
    Monday night is a game with two of the worst sides in the league on current form so it should be interesting who is the more confident and who wants to play football.
    The game against the seagulls was frustrating because we kept playing long and high balls against one of the tallest sides in the league but when we did get round the back we looked dangerous.
    I take it Bob Mac is only joking fuck me if he thinks this bad maybe he should of watched the mid seventies and early eighties.


  12. ian for me like Freddie Ljunberg said himself, the problem with the Brighton game was that the team did not perform at all in the first half, most of the second half was fine. And that the team failed to spark in the first half v Brighton was a real worry, they were just so damn flat and passive, you would expect that they would have all been really up for it, but it was as passive a 45 minutes as we’ve seen all season. Much better will be needed v West Ham, if we don’t soon see a big improvement in performances and results then Freddie’s time in charge will be very short.


  13. Here’s a team news update ahead of Monday’s match against West Ham United:

Dani Ceballos
Left hamstring. Sustained during the Vitoria SC (a) match on November 6. Aiming to return to full training in mid-December.

    Rob Holding
    Left knee. Bruising to knee, being assessed ahead of Monday’s match.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  14. Thanks Rich. Perhaps ftball just echoes life natural ebb and flow? Just because youre not so into things as you were doesnt mean it wont come back. When I think of some of the music I listened to and now I dont even touch it. Maybe its not the same though?
    Interesting that Liverpool are on such a roll yet despite a few good victories they most havent got anywhere near winning the P league, yet as a youngster Liverpool were just brilliant to watch, often beatable in a crunch, but so over powering. But Kopp really made a mess of it at BVB, ironically it was after teh game against us when he seemed to burn the team out that it all went wrong. But hes done something right there, just a question of how long will it last and will they stay unbeaten?
    Probably a trick of the mind, but football did seem more exciting and more epic in the recent past ad much of the real past. On we go! For better or worse?

    Ian, sorry too be the pedant of pedants and irritating, but 81 was a good season, to me considering how far afloat we were on title challenges till old GG turned up 3rd wasnt bad. 82-83 was when it started hitting similar times to now.Im with you and the likes of Stew in holding on to the spark of life, beating the Irons will be something and it is possible. That kind of stadium suits us too.
    Anyway, sorry to be the stato, youre right of course anyway. Funny how the GG years are cliched for its tough defences, but we had a good midfield in those days too.


  15. Perhaps not much interest to many but back in 83-84 we went down to 16th Tegs was sacked and we still ended up 6th. Two years of 7th then GG got us back to 4th and you probably know the rest anyway. His worst was 12th but the controversy made a big problem. Ive some nice photographs of the old stadium in my slide collection that I took a day before GG was given the hoof. Surprising how big it was when empty, but really majestic and hypnotising in a way. The pitch was so beautiful, smooth and massive in a way it never seemed on match day when the stadium was full of people.


  16. Arsenal Women
    HALF-TIME: Reading 0-2 Arsenal

    A dominant first-half performance with goals from @VivianneMiedema
    and #CaptainLittle




  17. well with one of today’s games to go the good news is that our relegation rivals Aston Villa, Southampton and Norwich have all lost but the bad news is that Newcastle won, we are currently 11th in the table, would drop to 12th if Brighton beat Wolves later, a defeat tomorrow could see us go as low as 13th, we are currently only 4pts off relegation place. But if we win we can go as high as 8th and only one point behind spurs


  18. reports today that our Director of Football, Edu, wants his friend, Patrick Vieira to be our next head coach.


  19. Arsenal Women

    (90) | #FAWSL


  20. Okay, this is just a small question and I dont mean it nasty like, (imagine soft music, chocolates, roses and vast amount of special brew)but on a site thats been famed for being Positive, is this the kind of podcast that should be up?
    Again, Im not saying I dont agree or its not correct or even a perfect snapshot moment, but where does it leave us sheep who come here for a bit of respite? It seems alright at the other site, but seems out of place here ( look maybe Im wrong), but this is pretty negative and is painting a bad picture for what might be. Eddys stats for the win/lose situation show that we can soon be out of this trough? Three wins on the trot and we will be noshing ourselves off again.
    Raul we cant get out– only the club can, maybe some pressure on him might work, but we cant bring back anyone whose been sold anymore than you can have your Henry days back and be Invincible?
    Look Im not saying dont do it, its pretty interesting but what about mixing it up a bit, its a bit pulpit from me, “we’re all doomed”. Maybe we are, maybe we’re not. Surely someone has to fly a bit of flag for something alternative? I mean, other teams have been doing it for years while we’ve been sitting in the sun enjoying it all.
    What about not being sucked into this. Its to much about our emotions -at some point someone’s got to grab it and stop it. Im not too convinced about the Titanic analogy, band and all, ( the passengers didnt say it was unsinkable, or the owners, but some daft magazine…Talk Sport of the day?)but if so then the banners need to come out and the planes flying banners too, surely if its as wank as youre saying. Get it moving?

    Sorry Im an Old contemptible and this is your first real spot in the trenches under fire and yer browning the pants a bit quick.Alright, its scary of you think about it, but if you stay calm and posi then the worm while turn guy. And if not we will all be cured of our horrible lack of humility if we go down. Championship, yer aving a laugh. If you want me to be wrong, do you support Arsenal or your own agenda ( I dotn mean that nasty, but its worth asking the question)? Anyway if we go down, a sugar babe will come in and the Wobs will ave their dream!

    Those of us from the old days who are supposedly out of touch might have more to give than the newer fans?

    I aint looking for a fight,(your fighting your selves anyway if you fight me) but Pos Arse was a good dump to read and watch when the other goons proved to be loons.
    Come on George, dont get caught in this trap, your better than that. We have to get the pipes out and be a bit wise? Let the kids get all frothy and shove off and support some other berks. We are the Arsenal.
    Keep Positively Arsenal, positive Arsenal! Get Stew out of retirement to do some midweek thoughts, super Labo on the excellent previews and if just the stats if we make a mess of things.

    Should I get me coat?

    If you cant see it Im on your side. If someone says “duh, whats so positive about all of this” then go away and think about it…I not talking LA LA land shite, just feet on the floor and being stoic. If Labo can do it, we all can. Yer with me, or gonna kick my arsenal?

    Yes, Im a twat, but Im not going down about this or with the Titan. Are you? Come on guys you can do it!

    (everyone starts booing at me and throwing tomatoes and listening to shoe gazing songs)

    love Dave

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  21. Just watched Old firm final. Giant Celtic centre back nicked winner and repelled so many crosses today.

    Looking at us at the moment, wouldn’t we be better off with a centre back who at least is a great bet for winning aerial challenges and dealing with crosses even if not the best with distribution?

    The argument that passing and technical skills paramount seems to rely on us actually being a good footballing side, who play from the back.

    I know I’m being a bit simplistic (all I have to do is think of Jerry Mina to wonder if I’ve an argument at all) but at the very least it’s a bloody close thing, and it’s hard to say what we’d lose with a strong, aerially dominant tall un vs what we currently gain with what we have instead back there.


  22. Dave

    Ha, Wish I’d read your post before my latest bit of moaning (in fairness I’ve wanted to see us try a tall centre back for eons)

    I liked your post though. Something different to chew over. We certainly need different views and opinions to keep life in the site.


  23. well Dave of course 3 wins in a row would shoot us up the table, but when we have only 4 wins in 15, and 6 in 23 if we go back to the tail end of last season, it really is hard to predict us getting 3 in a row, our next 3 EPL games are West Ham away, Man City at home and Everton away,


  24. anyone been on Arsenal.com today, I can’t access any of the features or articles, no matter what I click on it brings me to the online shop


  25. you right Ed, but I didnt really mean it like that. But even with Fergusons win we still have a chance of two wins out of three? But good stats.

    Thanks. Rich. Stew if your reading and Ian too , Ed and and some of the other older guys any chance of short articles to send in to George that can talk about experiences of Arsenal that might keep the Posi fires burning? Please do it!
    Im not saying to moan but I wished we could get together a bit and just deal with it in another way. Otherwise whats the point of PA?


  26. I’d like to think that we can turn it around, to the extent that we start playing more cohesively as a team and get some results. Emery clearly was a micro manager who for playing time seemed to reward compliance to his system more than skill. Freddie has tinkered some with his first 2 lineups and we’ve seen different lineups than what Emery was using. As mentioned, Freddie got no help from Raul by starting in a game every 3 days cycle. Lack of practice will hurt.

    I hope we build on the second half from the last game, up the tempo and play with desperation because if not we look to be in a relegation battle as inconceivable as that may seem.


  27. So George if youre reading this. I wrote the above as I respect you ( if I didnt I wouldnt have written it) and have been grateful for PA to be able to read these fine people for years and to go somewhere safe in the days of shit. Smart guys like Stew and Rich and peckers like me need that. Safe zones. I shouldnt be speaking for them-all apolgies. Maybe you will chuck me off, but I asked what can be done on Shottas blog. I like it that Stew and Ian are looking for the green shoots of hope.Isnt that all weve got? And Rich asks whats going on, and Ed says maybe its possible or not and keeping a perspective.
    Labo Andy Nic, Andrew Arsenal, you, Stew and Foreverheady all great writers and sorry to those Ive forgotten, great too . I called it not to make anyone angry or offended or to stop anyone speaking but try and get PA back on track, even if you feel you cant. I wished you would as youve been a great leader, Im sure the guys will agree. To me you still are. Sorry of that sounds cheesy, and I know we are men and can say what we feel, but PA means that much in a way and in someways its been pretty open while Iv e been reading.
    We can predict but who can see the future? I dont want anyone to say I told youso, if we go down, beucase it aint my fuckin fault. I dont run the club or play on the pitch, Im a fan, what does that mean? Didnt we all hate Le Grove for being toxic? All I asked was is it the type of podcast fit for PA? I tried to make it as in offensive as possible. If anything I want you back as the skipper and to see guys writing often and enjyoing having a chat about football, see, I said I was an twat, Im not a leader but guys like you are. Sorry dont mean to be cheesy. Bah its weird world the internet. Anyway, heres to you guys, keep searching for the green shoots of positivity.
    If Im wrong then please say so, if Im anti the blog,its ethos then please say, Shotta says Im wrong for saying the pods wrong for here. It only my stupid assed opinion, not a final statement. I think its is, but that doesnt mean I right or I don’t respect you and PA. Im not on bloody Rauls side or anti Wenger or values or meow the cat at the Emirates, or tolerate the weird time but asking how do we get through this? What can we really do?
    We as humans must question everything including what we do and say if we are going to make more progress? We are in this position, so what can we do as fans? What are blogs for?Who are we fighting when the club is a closed system, undemocratic and private that we feel we are part of? What are we part of? What does it mean to run a blog thats fighting for a point when the club arent listening? Why is it to search for another set of vies in a tough time so wrong.
    Im only asking. Im an unsure person, everyone else seem so sure, so I ask.

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  28. I never at any point was Positive for the sake of it, I looked at all the facts and decided that we should have been positive under Arsene. Everything was based on stats, spending and results. I am doing exactly the same now, that my conclusions are negative is based on the same type of analysis and scrutiny. I never ever supported Arsene because he had once done good, I supported him because I believed he was still doing good.

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  29. As for our door policy, I can assure you that loads of people have posted negative comments about the club recently,they do not get approved, because only those that I know want to be positive are allowed in. As soon as I see something positive, I’ll shout it from the rooftops.


  30. Quick note to Mills (and anyone else). I’m really sorry not to have engaged more and can only plead work load. As the oldest swinger in town memorably said, when it takes you all night to do what you used to do all night, except no such diversion for me, just an increased work load and less energy to do it.
    In other news my daughter lost in the final of the Under 16 National netball tournament today to a couple of real Rileyesque decisions so am all primed to be outraged tomorrow evening.
    Win lose or draw I’ll try to make sense of it all by Wednesday..


  31. Ok George fair enough, but I hope you cant blame me for trying after reading for all these years?

    I think I miss understood I thought it was always about looking Positively at the Arsenal not just about supporting Arsene, spending and stats and results.

    The “about” section says something different though and so it seemed as I read all these years on the forum. So Ive been barking up the wrong tree. Made me feel a bit sad to read the about section again, it says something different, not what you are saying now.

    Where is there to go now for those of us who dont want to be swamped by the toxic fear of things? Stay hidden!

    Well thanks again.


  32. Dave, tried a little response but hasn’t shown up. Maybe it will.

    Anyway, I don’t feel great seeing you not get response you hoped for from us today.

    Hope you’ll stick with us and keep contributing. I’m in a working it out stage in my head at the moment. Trying to find new way/s to watch and think about us, with hopefully a more positive angle or two.


  33. Marcelino the former Valencia boss who has been linked with both Arsenal and Everton has arrived in London today, he said he was there to start a new chapter in his career.


  34. this is what Marcelino has won as a coach


    Segunda División: 2005–06[2]


    Copa del Rey: 2018–19[17]


    Miguel Muñoz Trophy: 2006–07, 2017–18[30]
    Miguel Muñoz Trophy (Segunda División): 2008–09[31]
    La Liga Best Coach: 2017–18[32]
    La Liga Manager of the Month: September 2013, September 2015


  35. Dave, Either you misunderstood what I said or you are willfully misunderstanding it.
    As simple as can make it.-
    We were doing well given all the difficulties and now we are doing worse than we should be given the same difficulties. Arsene is irrelevant.


  36. Marcelino??? Really? Not a job at Watford or anything like that?
    If that happens, would suggest Rauls influence remains or has increased, and he is willing to risk another Emery?
    Know speaking English could be over rated and not essential, but does he? Because we are led to believe communication was a major issue emery faced, if true, not sure of how well the players would take to a repeatish scenario
    Can only give him a chance if he does arrive, you never know but that one would surprise me


  37. I’m hoping the site stays positive overall at most of the other sites are just depressing.

    I’m interested to see what Freddie brings. In the short time he has had I can definitely see some improvement. I feel our attack lacks cohesion with players being too spread out in the final third.

    Confidence is a major issue. Like he says though, we just need to start winning. Any type of win will do.

    For the new coach, it is really difficult. I’m wondering whether we need to go for a big name coach just so that the players will believe in the manager again and give everything. Right now they seem to be looking for a direction and having an up and coming coach may not be enough.


  38. With Klopp and Pep, the league has some of the top managers in the world right now. We need someone of that caliber for the players to believe in. To believe that Arsenal will be competitive again.


  39. George, I havent misunderstood anything, from what I read: the “about” section says something completely different than from what youre saying in your post that PA is about. Your new version of what PA was about fits more in with your current thinking: we’re doomed.Its there in black and white.
    And I was sticking up for that, as your pod was really negative, and goes against the manifesto in the about section. But in your minds the pod was clear and fighting the good fight ( despite you admitting is dark and depressing). But Rauls still at the club this morning. Whats your catchment for PA? 500 a new read? Closed systems, not affecting the club or even other blog spots or many fans? Preaching to the converted? Stew pointed this out before he left, the inability to really affect the board or the club at a deeper level on small blogs. All we can do is have a chat amongst our selves, or go and really attack the club. I mean Im asking what do small blogs do? Provide shelter for a few people perhaps, create a bit of interactive blog competition.

    Arsene isnt irrelevant, ( nothing is irrelevant in the history of Arsenal as everything is built on top of each other) as you and Shotta make the claim that “this the battle for Arsenal values”, yet the values you speak of are Arsene’s values more than anyone elses in the last 20. There were different periods and epochs before you joined the club, the club that Arsene brought you too, and his football, and they had different values. But to say something like “Arsenal values” is a massive subject.
    As I pointed out on Shottas site, that battle was over the day Arsene left. A private battle at the club, one the fans are not privy too. Nothing anyone could have done. People can blame me all they like for saying Im helping Raul, but how am I ? I dont run the club, I dont play, I dont put banners up at games saying ” I love Raul” so how can I be at fault?
    Yes I agree bad Raul making a mess. I agree dont like the Kronenkes, but Im a small bloke whose supported Arsenal a long time. All life is Arsenal. Yes I worried but tell me what I can do? Get angry on a blog thats a small readership? Whats that going to do except be a kind of therapy?
    You think youcan get them out by blogging thats fair enough. I dont. Le Grove didnt get Wenger out by blogging and nor did Untold save Wenger in those last years by blogging. Its an over estimation of effect on the internet.

    You and Shotta say the Titanic Arsenal is sinking. I say how can we be sure? If it does I will you still be supporting the club or clearing off? If it doestn what value are your observations? I will be still supporting. Arsenal isnt the Titanic, lots of people died on that, the ship broke up and sank to the bottom two miles down. It was a teribble event. The dramatic metaphor might be apt but its misplaced in my opinion.The worst that can happen is we go in the Championship, if it happens I will still behind the team. But my perspective is that its a first world problem, its not about horrific events or kids being tortured or war or pestilence. I dont want it. But I didnt create it or make it, nor can I stop it on with articles on a blog.Hitler wasnt stopped by articles? And there were thousands until the shit shut the newspapers down.
    Look, Im just asking, Ive said it better at Shottas place. Le Grove thoguht they were positive too. To you its clear, enemy sighted then we can go back to the green pastures. How we deal with things liek this are more about our own relationship and what we want and how we process them.

    Im not the enemy George. Im happy to be martyred in anger for the manifesto at the front of the website and all it says if you feel angry at me ( your a pretty famous for being intolerant)and don’t want me around.
    I do understand. And if I could change it I would. But heavy depressing podcasts at PA what good are they? Im not sinking with you. Or change the manifesto as what you say PA is and whats on the website. I know you will find that insulting as its your website, and Ive complimented you on it in my other posts and said great things about you, but a blog needs people to make it alive, it needs discussion and more discussion.

    Is there a fight for the values of PA. Anyway hopefully you can take thigs in good faith, even if your upset that the team are playing badly. We all make it mor than a game and fight over things that dont even touch the club at all. Thats devilry for sure.

    Got to get going.

    Thanks Rich.


  40. Dave is right, the ABOUT US mission statement on this blog is not fit for purpose
    “We, who post on PA, choose to celebrate the excitement of the football played, the quality of the players and the coaches, and the exhilaration that the attacking style of Arsenal football in its pure form.”
    Not because we don’t want to support as positively, but because the ethos of the club has changed.


  41. What Arsenal is going through at present is just new to us but not one iota worse than god knows how many clubs up and down the various leagues in England conbined. Certainly not the titanic and if push come to shove we always get Allerdyce or Rafa to steer to ship to the safety of midtable.

    Its all about perspective and what “I want”. Every club goes through a bit of shit at point or the other, some longer than most. Now is just our time. Liverpool certainly didn’t sank through the bottom of ocean a decade ago nor did Manutd post Fergie. Worst that can happen is we live in Spurs’ shadow for a few seasons but by no means the end of the world.


  42. and the rest says : “We cheer victory, we commiserate in defeat. We seek the positive and are never despondent”.

    The ethos changed when Wenger went, how do we ride the tide? what can we do, this is al Ive been really asking. Moaning and get upset that we Arent winning. What if Freddie does that? How will that affect the lads.
    If the ethos has changed then PA has changed so why not revamp it and change it to fit the times then dummies like me can stop trying to find the good in the bad? I dont mean that as bitchy, more in simple terms.
    I mean Ive loved it here because the place was doom and gloom but smart people having a chat. A perspective. I mean the other blogs all felt the ship sank years ago anyway.
    I cant change it how everyone wants it to be, nice football, winning and no Raul. If I could I would. I know the clubs been buggered but what can I do? How does it help if I get all angry about it where its displaced anger?Kicking the cats no good when Hitlers about. Self therapy? The situ will still be there in the morning.
    All I did was ask questions, what can a blog be? How effective can it be? Where do go from here? What does PA mean anymore. Im not here to cause problems, we all make them by reacting,all of us sooner or later. If this place is only about having a moan and getting angry then shouldnt that be the manifesto and those who like that stay and the rest make their own world?

    Look at the end of the 79 cup final. Look at 89, ManUre fans chanted their team and Liverpool did too after losing to us. When we lost 8-2 to ManUre look at our fans chanting ( I was there that day). Can we get behind the team like that in moments of crisis?
    Of course this is all potty, we are talking about projection of values onto blokes kicking a ball about. And thats a bit we eccentric at the least in a vast universe we havent a clue about!
    If we dont kick the gong around and talk in a respectful way and try to understand each other where are we. All definitive statements are a bit misleading as everything’s on the move. There are no end goals or green pastures. Thats life!
    Sorry haven’t got more time to go into it.

    is it time for a revamp George?


  43. Forgot to add this from the ABOUT US section: “PA will provide an oasis of support amidst, at times, the ocean of doom and hysterical misery.”

    loads of smileys and runs for cover!

    Seriously George, is it worth have a mull over with the guys here? I know different times, and different times need different tyres.


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