Shut Up Arsenal Bloggers.

We all form opinions based on our knowledge of particular subjects. Most reasonable people would accept that if this  knowledge is limited , then the value of our opinion is similarly limited. Why then does it appear that this simple equation is not applicable to football ?

I believe the reason is that people way overestimate their knowledge of football.

It also seems to me that the more someone knows, the less sure of their conclusions they are. In other words the more stupid you are , the more you believe your opinions are correct.

People write blogs spewing their ideas about tactics , line ups  and formations sure in the belief that they are right. Then they go back to their totally unrelated jobs (if they have one) or carry on with their homework.

A rough guide in judging a bloggers worth is simply to look at the comments section. I understand the “birds of a feather  flock together” and generally the majority of regular posters will be of like mind to the blogger, but when the comments are clearly written by halfwits, its reasonable to assume the blogger himself is none to sharp.

Of course there are exceptions. Its possible that the blogger is smart enough to have identified his market and exploits their stupidity in order to further his/her agenda, whatever that might be.

The value of these bloggers opinions is seen as being tied to the number of readers or followers. If they are getting 10.000 hits per day it could mean no more than 10.000 idiots agree with what is being said.

Unfortunately what these bloggers say is taken as gospel by those least able to think for themselves .

There are hundreds of Arsenal bloggers and the vast majority of them are so far up their own ares that it defies belief. There are of course exception who are balanced, knowledgeable and informative ,some are even funny . I wont list any ,in case I leave some out, and you know me, I don’t want to upset anyone.

Its spread now to Podcasts. Dozens of them all giving their opinions on Arsenal matters , as if they know what they are talking/shouting/ranting about.

Strikes me everyone wants to be Arseblog. Well here is the thing, he was in first and you wont be.

I just wish everyone would stop trying promote themselves and get on with supporting the club.

If you are a blogger and get upset by people questioning your credentials, here is an idea, include your CV in the next blog you write. Lets see how qualified you are ?

And yes, I am aware of the irony of a blogger moaning about bloggers.

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65 comments on “Shut Up Arsenal Bloggers.

  1. Edge of the seat PG


  2. Not the result I was after but a performance lacking no effort

    Giroud can have the MoM award for relentless effort, centre backs their usual execellent selves – midfield never quite clicked – Szcz a couple of super saves

    Onward and upward


  3. I could feel the tension. I expelled my wife and daughter from the living room. Overall, not a bad result…..


  4. Not the best of outcomes and strangely only one sub. Seems Podolski is not in AW’s good books for some reason.

    Bloody hate the mancs but onwards to the next game.


  5. Kos was immense.
    Not enough width to our game.
    Point gained.
    On to the next one.

    @ Team Spirit..that rubbish rendering made me feel good @ the time.


  6. Just back from the game. That was a very frustrating performance and disappointing outcome but probably understandable after the mauling on Saturday. It seemed to me that the players were more focussed on not losing, rather than really trying to win. I’m also a bit concerned that the whole team seems to be a little off form as we did not really create much and our front players were quite static today. Hopefully, it’s just a very temporary blip and we’ll rediscover that extra zip and energy that we had a few games ago. Still, a point on the road to recovery is not to be sniffed at. As much as we want to win every game, it’s not going to happen and these mid-table teams always raise their game when they come to play The Arsenal!

    By the way who was the referee? I thought he was utterly hopeless. He allowed a lot to go without the deserved punishment and the dirty mancs took every advantage. I see the greedy skunk has also learnt a few of the dark arts from slurgus and his apprentice. Thankfully he did not manage to capitalise on the crumbs he got today. I really dislike that team and their cheating. WTF does Rooney have to do to get a booking?


  7. Its criminal the amount of battering OG has to put up with. & JACK. . ARTETTA is starting to worry me . Well done WOJO. top class saves. Top top.


  8. bravo to giroud. his fights with vidic were a joy to watch. bravo to our goalkeeper who saved that header from that cunt who had done nothing all game. bravo to santi who was everywhere tonight. red card to the refe ree who was being firendly all night to that fat git with the wig. ozil played well. rosicky was somewhere else, arteta snapped out of his stupor in 2nd half, jack wants it so bad but doesnt know how, our back four were great, all of them.

    aaron fucking ramsey.


  9. That was a bloody good point after that mauling on Saturday. To have lost would have been disastrous. 3 points would have been fantastic but a draw is an important psychological victory. It gives us a foundation to go on another unbeaten run which should be good enough to win the title. What gives me belief is the balanced way we attacked and defended in the last 30 minutes. No way were we going to lose.

    People are caught up in the emotion of us not beating the Man Scum given their rapid fall from grace, But in my opinion they are a good team who are under-performing. They will do some damage over the next 12 games. Mark my words.

    As for the usual noisy majority currently moaning and vituperating, in a couple of days when emotions subside, they will realize how precious was the point in the short and long run.


  10. Pass, the referee was mark Clattenburg. He let Valencia foul Jack at least ten times before he had a word.

    We dropped points against the Mancs, not West Brom. And Liverpool, without a dream start, were pretty dull against Fulham. We’re still right there.

    agree with Hunter, This team is screaming for Aaron Ramsey.


  11. Michael Owen is a proper dunce for selecting Szcz as the man of the match. Gives the impression that he was the busier of the two keepers when he wasn’t. De Gea had to save more than twice the amount of shots and he faced far more dangerous chances. (Not to take away from Szcz but the first atempt from the Dutch boy at the start of the game was rather meek and the only proper test came with the late header by the skunk which he thankfully passed with flying colours)


  12. Did you guys notice Szczesny’s fist pump after his super save against Judas? Gunner.

    A good point. A bit disappointed that we we didnt win it. We were the better team, but that logic doesnt mean anything.


  13. Oh, Aaron, Aaron, wherefore art thou, Aaron…

    God, we need him back. We need Theo, too, but that’s not going to happen this season. Ozil needs Ramsey back, simple as that. He needs someone to make the runs. He worked really hard today, and so did Santi. Seems to me this was a good response, perhaps bar the first minute when Woj and Mikel almost gave me a heart attack. Others have said it, but it was key not to lose this game. A win would have been great, of course, but I’ll take the point. Giroud worked his socks off. He was knackered at the end. And Gibbs starts for me. He was super.


  14. I don’t know about you guys, I was really, really impressed by our lads. A composed, disciplined and ultimately dominating performance (look at the second half stats); now we didn’t score from 6 decent chances created (Santi x 2 planted neatly inside posts, Giroud x 2 – early header misdirected, then Sagna’s delicious cross, the Kos header, and the penalty not given for Vidic’s push on Giroud) to Yoo’s 2 decent chances (RvP, both counters as predicted); that’s a pity but life goes that way sometimes, especially against teams that park buses. What’s important is to create those chances in parking lots and not concede because next time round they do go in. And Arsenal has not conceded at home in 11 consecutive hours of football. Excellent team display.

    I agree with Shotta. What was important was to be commanding, not concede, create, build the foundation for the next run. For Yoo, absence of football ambition stifled what might have been some kind football match, who know, between two teams. I have seen better from Stoke when we were berating them for thuggery, artillery football and ridiculous long throw ins. I feel only pity for their creative players, who looked for all the world like three blind mice without tails, one time sculptors reduced to churning out rows of joyless tourist curios (or in this case two factory-like rows of parked buses). If Rooney stays I’ll eat his stinky football boots after a game; this will destroy his career if it carries on too long. He looked as unhappy as players can look. The “little boy in me” looked just like a little boy, brittle bravado, afraid, a little alone, no friends; and there’s his old team still playing the beautiful game. “When it all, comes down, look for me, and I’ll still be around” (BB King).


  15. Gainsbourg69
    February 13, 2014 at 1:58 am

    1st minute someone smashes ozil to the ground outside the right hand corner of manure’s box …. no foul

    80th minute…cazorla i think or ox..shoulder charges evra at his corner area and wins the ball….foul!

    clattenburg doesnt give fouls easily…and united had to commit 20 OBVIOUS ones before seeing their first yellow…..


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