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Research on counterfactual thinking has shown that people’s emotional responses to events are influenced by their thoughts about “what might have been.” When Less Is More: Counterfactual Thinking and Satisfaction Among Olympic Medalists Victoria Husted Medvec, Scott F. Madey, Thomas Gilovich Despite my awareness that football fans, including yours truly, often react irrationally to the fortunes […]

Arsenal Should Win The Title Says The Data

How often do we hear the old cliché “football is all about emotion”? While this may be used to explain the wild swings in opinions and attitudes of pre and even pubescent supporters of Arsenal Football Club, it can in no way excuse such conduct by the mainstream media as well as other opinion-leaders (bloggers, […]

Arsene Wenger vs The Podcasters

As a supporter of our great club, this has been the most stress-free of international breaks I have experienced in 10 years, apart from constantly worrying whether Alexis will emerge from his South American World Cup qualifiers with his groin intact. Post Manchester United, there has been very little for the malcontents to stir the […]