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Arsenal Versus Man United: Sitting This One Out

I shan’t be watching this afternoon. My wife has made other plans for me and if you’ve ever met my wife then you know how wise I am to smile sweetly and just miss the match. To be honest it’s only Man United and I shouldn’t have a problem avoiding the score until the game […]

Arsenal In Manchester – Business As Usual

I turned to Liz about twenty minutes before kick off and remarked on what a good day I’d had. First decent day in about two months in fact. Those who know me beyond the world of football will be aware things have been, of late, somewhat bumpy Chez Stew. Yesterday however we had seen a […]

Arsenal’s Waterloo? Or Allez Les Bleus?

Anyone who buys into the oft repeated media convention that the FA Cup no longer means anything in the modern game needs to take a look at the scenes which took place in Villa Park on Saturday evening. The explosion of emotion from the Villa fans which spilled from the stands and onto the pitch […]

Forbear To Judge, For We Are Sinners All

According to a nice old lady, in a recent interview with Victoria Wood, the Second World War would certainly have been lost had the Nazis only been able to interrupt our imports of tea. She worked at Bletchley Park where Britain’s greatest ever war hero Alan Turing used to chain his mug to the radiator […]