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Arsenal Versus Southampton: Wither Young Yaya?

I probably don’t need to tell you what happened the last time we played Southampton in this competition. What did surprise me however was to discover that the match took place more than two years ago. I believe this is a common problem as one gets older, the memory plays tricks and our understanding of […]

Arsenal Versus Sheffield Wednesday: Fringe Benefits

With Aaron’s untimely injury, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s struggle for form and Jack not likely to take much part this season, some people are becoming a little edgy as to our options should we lose anyone else. Folk gather in nervous corners speaking in tremulous whispers about what we might do should Santi or Mesut get crocked. […]

Arsenal Versus Spurs: Raise Your Weary Gloves

I don’t want to write this, and more importantly you don’t want to read it. So as an exercise in futility today’s blog is hard to beat. After Zagreb, the last thing we needed was an hour and a half in the company of the world’s most detestable football club. Like getting beaten up on […]