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Self Censorship at The Arsenal?

It’s hard being a contrarian on Arsenal Twitter these days. Like any strict, self-regulated community, there is a stridency among a majority of posters that demands and enforces conformity. It punishes dissent via the block, unfollow and mute buttons for committing any of the following heresies: Not vocally supporting the new manager Criticizing any of […]

Wenger and the War vs Stupidity

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” The above quote would make a very aspiring New Year’s resolution for all Positivists. It is attributable to Mark Twain, the great American writer, who is renown for his pithy but profound observations about the human condition, […]

Gooners: Trust The Unbiased Data, Not The Mainstream Media

  In my last blog, less than a week ago, I called readers’ attention to the mainstream media’s deliberate lack of attention to Arsenal’s statistically significant 13 game unbeaten streak. After the club’s thrashing of Stoke last Saturday, some of us may have expected a change in tone, some token appearance of even-handedness and fairness. […]