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Arsene, Stan And Ivan – Take a Bow

This is a post Arsenal Andrew made earlier today. I believe it deserves its own blog. Nice to see you Andrew,absence makes the heart…………….and all that .     I suspect it may take a few years for the enormity of all Arsene Wenger’s achievements to be fully digested, absorbed, understood and appreciated. Much as […]

What a difference a year makes!

Originally posted on 4th Place Finish:
What a difference a year makes. This time a year ago Arsenal fans the world over were frustrated after a long hard fought season where we made it hard for ourselves once more and eventually managed to scraped 4th place. Manchester United had won the league and Fergie had…

Aaron Ramsey; Drought-Breaker

   Today we have the first in a series of blogs on the rise and rise of Aaron Ramsey, which with a bit of luck will see some new bloggers popping their cherries. I’m not ashamed to say that I wasn’t always Ramsey’s biggest fan. For a long time I quite simply though he was […]

Suarez And Arsenal – The Final Word

On 20th December 2013 Luis Suarez signed a new contract with Liverpool that not only raised his wages but purported to keep him on Merseyside until 2018. Twitter was awash with back-slapping Liverpudlians, proudly proclaiming that Christmas had come early, and taking every opportunity to taunt The Arsenal, who had infamously bid for Suarez back […]

I walked on the Emirates pitch 34 years before Wenger. A history of heroes and villains!

Originally posted on GunnersoreArse:
? Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium. I was thinking about this last week and I started to reminisce how I’d walked regularly on the Emirates Stadium pitch, across the terraces and through the dressing rooms long long before it…

Understanding Ozil Means Understanding Football

A post from @foreverheady        If a week’s a long time in politics then ninety minutes is certainly plenty enough time for football fans to realise that most players are only human after all. I was listening to Darren Gough talking about Lionel Messi on the radio yesterday, and he was very much […]