Arsenal Highlight the New Normal With 55 Redundancies.

If The Arsenal is the only club making redundancies I’ll be surprised, and if it remains at 55 then they will have done well. Yesterday’s announcement was a timely reminder of reality, not just for this club, but for football in general – and, although it pains to say it, for the world beyond. Since […]

Arsenal: Judge Me in May

@foreverheady gathers ye footballing rose-buds this Autumn afternoon  ‘Judge me in May’, Arsene used to say, and for many, many years those who had clamoured to dismiss him after a couple of poor games had to eat some kind of pie come the end of the season – though with the rise of social media […]

Arsenal: Study the past, if you would divine the future

@foreverheady ponders the rippling pool Managers come and managers go, but the Arsenal dance goes on forever, as Pete Brown almost said back in 1970. By and large though, our managers spend longer looking good on the dance floor than most, with just four men, Chapman, Allison, Graham and Wenger setting the playing style of […]

Arsenal Play Contract Poker

  Today we have a guest post from @foreverheady You’ve got to know when to hold ’em  Know when to fold ’em  Know when to walk away  And know when to run… I don’t know much about Contract Law, and like most people have no idea about the details of anyone’s exact terms of employment. […]

Arsenal: Faith, Reason and Football

I hadn’t been back for some thirty years, but as I walked down the streets from the station I felt a familiar quickening of the pulse, a nagging mixture of fear and excitement that took me right back to the first time I made that journey, when still a small boy on my way to […]

Arsenal Fans Are Being Fooled.

Today a guest post from @foreverheady Arsenal fans are being taken for a ride, and it’s about time it stopped. Or so might scream the headlines of click-hungry websites, desperate to boost their numbers by appealing to one of the largest on-line fan bases in world football. Cue then a predictable and oft-repeated article about […]

Team Spirit Can Be The Key To Arsenal’s Success

Team spirit counts for a lot. Many people talk about it, some are lucky enough to experience it, only a few know how to create it. Having just watched the English cricket team complete an unexpected and surprisingly comfortable Ashes win, it seems appropriate to cast the mind back and remember the previous Ashes humiliation […]