Burnley, Robbery, Bad Luck or Bad Finishing?

Good morning.

In todays podcast @shotta_gooner and I look at the daylight robbery at Burnley, the wasted opportunities, the good play and the disastrous mistake that cost us 2 points. We credit Arteta for recent improvements and blame him for being in the position that we found ourselves in.

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70 comments on “Burnley, Robbery, Bad Luck or Bad Finishing?

  1. I think the problem is the manager is instructing the midfielders to collect it those areas and on not occasions a first time reverse ball is needed which is not easy to do accurately when running towards your goal. Leno is the one in control and has to take stock and if he needs to kick long and lose possession high up the pitch then fine that’s better than conceeding a goal.
    You are correct though in both situations and in numerous others we play ourselves into trouble by playing backwards instead of forwards especially against teams that find it hard to hold on to the ball anyway.

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  2. One cannot complain about a win, away from home, albeit on neutral ground.

    That is how one must view the short term.

    The long term is not so rosy and I remain pessimistic.

    If we hand over chances like we are doing to the scum or any other club above us, they will punish us.

    Neither will be they be so generous in defence, although 2 goals from long shots are very unusual for us.

    Sunday will be interesting but I think it is clear that we are unlikely to see too much of ESR as Arteta continues to ease him out in favour of Odegard and Willian, his more favoured options. I suspect we can expect to see nothing more than cameos from him for the rest of the season, which is more than I can say for Martinelli, who seems to have disappeared without trace.


  3. half time and AFC u23’s are 3-0 behind


  4. It does seem strange to complain about a 3-1 win away from home in Europe however there were so many problems with the performance and in conjunction with other performances recently it is very worrying.
    If we repeat the performance against the spuds then we will get battered, fortunately I do believe we will raise our game and it should be a close game.
    I see sky sports are recommending fans bet on ARSENAL getting a red card which is dodgey before we even start.

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  5. Watching Liverpool’s slide down the table as the lack of centre halves and injuries to those covering for them with no rotation in this intense season eventually catch up with them all makes me think: that AW did quite well in his final season when a one legged Koscielny and a retired Mertesacker were his first choice pair as Raul entered the club and saved the bucks for later. Not holding on but simply comparing the circumstances. Chambers was fit and in form towards the end of that season, he’s decent I think, will he play a part this season?
    Interesting to see which defenders will play in the derby and midweek and how will Arteta rotate MO & ESR & Saka.

    Villa draw against a Newcastle midfield with Willock and Hayden heh! The Gunners could catch Villa along with the flailing Liverpool who will focus on the CL.
    To come any higher will need a serious run of results and goals imo.

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  6. Willock, Hayden and Shelvey all from our academy.
    Fins, I’ve always thought CB’s are about pairings not individuals with not necessarily the best players bein the best for the team.
    Chambers and Holding were excellent together in the England youth set up and long term could be a fantastic pairing for us going forward. If we play a back three then Mari would be the one to add to them. As for this weekend I think it will be Mari and Holding.
    If we assume Hector and Keiran out side them and Granite and Thomas the pairing in the middle. Auba will obviously start and Saka as well as Odegaard but the last place is anybody’s guess.


  7. Joe had pretty good game yesterday. Some very nice moments. If trained in the arts Utd style, would have capped it off by earning pen, when he beat an opponent in box who made plenty of contact trying to stop him.

    Can’t fault minutes so far for him and Ainsley. Played every game and don’t think either even been subbed yet.


  8. U23 game meanwhile was a tough watch. We went with one midfielder and five forwards!

    Once Blackburn got lead through, yep, very soft looking pen, it became painful.

    Their aggression was off charts, ref behaved like he’d have approved of that article about Burnley yeoman taking on fancy dans and giving them a heroic shoeing. Shirt pulls every single time they were close, challenges from behind if ball into feet, little pushes and kicks when ball released, and ravenous for opportunities for a big challenge where they could hopefully leave a lot on our players.

    So nothing on for our one midfielder against packed defence, and plenty of space behind us for their forays forward, where we gave them a number of chances when aggressively pressed.

    Tough watch.

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  9. Think Sky are on the money if they think we will get a red card. Harry Kane, a nailed on penalty in his favour in this fixture. We all know what he gets away with, our defenders are going to have to be very careful.

    But that aside, think we might get something out of this game, despite the officials


  10. FT: Everton 1-2 Burnley

    a big result for burnley.

    former Arsenal academy goalie Virginia came on before half time for Everton


  11. Spurs looking to do the double over Arsenal for the first time in almost 30 years


  12. Arsenal sign Chelsea youth player Amani Richards
    Dan Critchlow –
    Mar 13, 2021
    Arsenal have signed ex-Chelsea youngster Amani Richards, with the young attacker confirming the move on his social media pages.
    Amani Richards after signing for Arsenal (Photo via Richards on Instagram)
    Amani Richards after signing for Arsenal (Photo via Richards on Instagram)

    Posting on his Instagram page, Amani Richards confirmed that he’s making the move to Arsenal. The Islington-raised forward admits he’s always been a fan of the Gunners.

    “Signing for Arsenal, my boyhood club, it’s just a great thing,” Richards admitted. “It’s a club that everyone in my family supports. Everyone around me supports Arsenal.

    “I mean I always wanted it to happen eventually, but it happening now is just a great thing. Just really, really excited to get going.”

    Richards is an England youth international, having previously featured for the England u16s along with current Arsenal youth players like Zach Awe and Brooke Norton-Cuffy.

    The 16-year-old will presumably start integrating into the Arsenal u18s between now and the end of the year.

    Richards isn’t the first youth player to make a move across London in recent seasons. Jason Sraha joined Arsenal from Chelsea in 2019, Jonathan Dinzeyi from Tottenham Hotspur in 2020, and most fans will already be aware of Eddie Nketiah’s Chelsea history.

    When you were already an Arsenal fan to begin with, the transfer just makes sense if you get the opportunity to make it. Hopefully, Richards can make his former club regret losing him


  13. If Arteta needs to choose between ESR and Willian for tomorrow, it is a no brainer that he will choose Willian.

    I am afraid ESR is history now.

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  14. With city’s win tonight it effectively means we can no longer mathematically win the league.

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  15. afcstuff
    Mar 12
    Granit Xhaka has featured in the last 14 consecutive matches for Arsenal in all competitions, completing the full 90 minutes in every fixture during that time. #afc


  16. ian all i can say to that is Wenger out


  17. something about Arteta’s reactions here that does not sit well with me


  18. man city now need a maximum of 14pts from their final 8 games to win the title


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