Saka Leeds Us To Hope.

Good morning all.

In this week’s podcast @shotta_gooner and I look at why the Leeds game was such fun and gush about the wonderful Saka.

12 comments on “Saka Leeds Us To Hope.

  1. Just listening to this and Adrian Clark was interesting on the arsenal pressing.


  2. Saka is a terrific player. I read or heard somone say jsut the ohter day that he is now playing as if he not only genuinely believes he should be in the team but that he has the talent to influence games. Playing without fear in other words, and getting stronger all the time. To see him link up with ESR and also Odergaard was an exciting aspect of the Leeds game.

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  3. Fascinates me how good he is. Quick, but I’m not sure lightening quick. Technically he is obviously very good, but I’m not sure it’s that which elevates him above others- ie is it that he’s much more skilful or with a better first touch than, say Nelson, or…Pepe?

    To me it feels more like it’s about…knowing what to do. Makes the right choice nearly all the time- touch to take, way to turn, when to pass, who to pass to.

    The technique has to be excellent to underpin all that but I think it’s a wonderfully quick football brain that really separates him from all but the very best.

    That’s the only downer with Saka- makes a lot of the other good prospects- and, heck, some seniors ,too- look a bit ordinary by comparison and certainly inconsistent, though thankfully not Smith Rowe.


  4. George: I sent you a potential post via email.


  5. I have a sort of feeling that in many ways ESR is the most important player we have: not ‘better’ than Saka, but different. He seems to inject sudden pace into the passing movements that make us more dangerous. That the two of them are so clearly on the same wavelength is exciting.


  6. ESR has been up to now our most important player although Granit was holding it together early on.
    The change in the side only when ESR was introduced to the side, since then the good players have been able to go on the front foot rather than just manning the trenches.
    He has even made some of the poorer (or out of form) players look better.
    Nothing has changed my opinion that Ainsley, Joe, Eddie, Reiss etc wouldn’t have done as well as the current older players and Martinez oh what a mistake.
    Oh and yes Saka is brilliant.


  7. ian I think you will have to brace yourself for the sight of AMN, Nelson, Willock, and Nketiah all leaving AFC this summer, I really don’t see any of them being first choice players under Arteta, and they are all at an age where they have to be first choice players if they are to progress their careers


  8. Saka is fantastic, a revelation, up with Xhaka for our player of the season so far?

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  9. Saka and Smith Rowe have set a very high bench mark for any youngsters looking to come through next few years but got my fingers crossed Azeez just might have similar quality.

    Part of me thinks if he were as good as I hope wouldn’t he have forced a bit more playing time by now, given fact a lot of the very best get games at 17,18 and occasionally 16, but it is probably harder to give a youngster minutes at cm than further forward and you never know score behind scenes with injuries or other issues.

    He’s the biggest hope for me though. Greedy git that I am, even while enjoying emergence of Saka and Smith-Rowe I’m already thinking ‘what if we can get another of that quality coming through at same time’.


  10. Hope, Faith and Charity!
    In these trying times, Charity is indeed the greatest of the three.


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