Is Chelsea Win A New or False Dawn?

Good Morning all.

In today’s podcast @shotta_gooner and me talk about the great 3 points we got from Chelsea and wonder if it will be the start of a change or if we will revert to previous when the “old guard” become available again?

You can also listen to and download this podcast over on uncensoredarsenal.com .

Have a good holiday

Pedantic George.( @arseblagger )

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163 comments on “Is Chelsea Win A New or False Dawn?

  1. What a great start to 2021 glimpses of our glory days.
    It is important to keep some perspective on these results at the moment thinking once again of Tony Adams quote.
    “You are never as good as the media says or never as bad.”
    It can’t be denied however that there were green shoots a plenty. The youngsters are coming of age and their attitudes have rubbed off on some senior players.
    I commented a year ago that Tierney would one day be our captain and I stand by that. Something to thank Emery for, who would have thought.
    They looked like a team last night who were enjoying their football again.
    My heart sank when Willian came on but did I read that he was getting paid per game so presumably he contract would require him to play a certain number of games?
    Oops I have spoilt the moment.


  2. Emery was coach, not sure how much input he would of really had on signings in the then Raul regime.


  3. Yes that’s true it’s hard to tell who influences and sanctions these decisions.


  4. New or false dawn? Still too early to say but the first 80 minutes against Chelsea, the second half at Brighton, and yesterday’s whole match do point to reasons for optimism. My supporting is more to do with heart than head and the two first half goals yesterday gave me a lot of joy. The first one of those special moments when a player single-handedly changes the course of a game. Skill-power and will-power in equal measure, and how great to see KT playing with such drive and conviction. Given luck and care I can see him becoming a real Arsenal name, maybe even a legend. A sure-fire fans’ favourite. And that second goal: proper Arsenal DNA, walking it in.

    And on that theme, what other side’s tactics have been immortalised not once, but twice, in mainstream film and tv?


  5. Two more things: Auba will hit goal scoring form again once the sun starts shining again, and although it is fashionable at the moment to see Smith Rowe as an Ozil replacement to me he brings far more of Jack Wilshere to the team.


  6. I honestly think Auba is starting his entered his onward slide to retirement.
    He has never offered any team much more than goals and pulling defenders out of position and while the amount of goals he used to score was fantastic he now is invisible in a positive sense in most matches.
    His first touch is awful and his passing and decision making are not that of a top PL league player.
    If you imagine Sead playing in front of Keiran yesterday would he have better or worse than Auba.
    In previous games we have seen the players on the pitch who have led the team have been Xhaka, Hector, Rob and Keiran, it has certainly not been Auba.
    Although we have seen in the last three games how fortunes can change I honestly believe players like Auba and Pepe are no longer contributing enough to the team and other players which are considered average by the fan base like Willock offer a lot more. After all football is a team game and the team is the priority.


  7. The optimism is dampened by the awareness that the people who’ve sabotaged the club by incompetently forcing their alternative failing model
    upon the club in a botched effort to replace the previous successful model (they’ll be using this case study in classrooms for decades on how not to do it!), these reprobates who signed off on a £100M worth of transfers that can’t make the 1st eleven: they’re still there and they are still sucking the blood out the club *shudders*

    I did enjoy Ozil’s trolling. It’s fair comment and no one can disagree with the damage done to the club by Josh & Vinai unless they know sweet FA about the Footy.


  8. It’s selfish of me but Imagine how much fun we’d all had watching a veteran occasionally fit Ozil mentor and coach ESR through this season given that the clowns upstairs had sold off ALL the other creative talent, being the clowns that they are.

    Yep. After spending three years failing to drive Ozil out the club it is a fair reflection that as far as the Football Club is concerned: Josh can do one. Yesterday. Perhaps he should’ve just focused on the appalling catering and other services the Kronke’s have been taking he piss out of the fans with all these years before moving onto the harder stuff like the Sport? If you can’t even manage to serve a fucking sandwich then perhaps you are not the person who is qualified to be running the Arsenal? What do you all think? Can’t serve a sandwich but knows how to run a football club? Hmmm….

    Alas the billy big blaggers are mainly idiots and free loaders and haven’t called out Josh to date.


  9. Wow Pep’s City back to their best playing without a conventional CF in the petrochemical derby making Lampard’s Chelsea look like West Brom!

    I enjoyed Ozil’s trolling. Everyone knows the value of such players in the game today, not least the players who are all probably watching this petro-derby.

    Ignoring the owners I am optimistic in the short term, the younger attacking players are playing their game as they were taught and as Arsenal Column highlights there’s been a little more allowance for that of late, less painting by numbers, and that’s been the big change along with playing one more attacking player in the starting eleven (it’s a simple game for simple me!).
    Mari has always done well in my eyes. Unlucky with his injury which also catapulted Luiz back into the starting eleven. With Gabriel returning Luiz was always going to be third choice IMO.


  10. Simply adding a proper 10 and ye olde Arsenal is chugging along again.
    Nothing as stupid as watching the complications brought forth by ignorant arrogance.
    What our owners do this month should shed more light to whether they’ve learned their lesson.

    See no reason to settle for another “less-than-top-notch” player just to prove a point.
    Send out the players we don’t need (Kolasinac, Sokratis, Mustafi, +/- Chambers or Saliba) and reinstate Özil. That’s it.

    Yes we need another #10 but none of the prime targets (Aouar/Buendia/Brandt) will be available till the summer. Why add re-increase salaries by adding an Isco on loan when we still have Mesut?


  11. The squad is solid, battle-tested, and ready to fight.
    Just hope MA has learned his lesson.


  12. Another hope is that Folarin Balogun looks at the progress of attacking players at Arsenal (Saka, Martinelli, ESR, Eddie, Reece & Joe), compares it to other top teams like Liverpool, (Rhian Brewster, Sheyi Ojo, Ovie Ejaria, Harvey Elliott, Harry Wilson, Ben Woodbury, Marko Grujic), Chelsea, Totts, etc…and signs the damn ting!
    There is nowhere better than the ARSENAL. Ask Alexandr Hleb


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