Will It Be A Cup Of Cheer?

Arsenal head to the King Power Stadium to take on Leicester City in the Carabao Cup. The winner will go on to play either Lincoln City or Liverpool next week in the quarter-finals.

Good day one all.

With two wins from their two Premier League games, both Arsenal and Leicester have met early expectations. In matches this past weekend though, the Gunners left it late to shake off a plucky West Ham side, while the Foxes came from behind in victory over Burnley.

Attention now shift to the domestic cup with the chance to continue that positive momentum ahead of testing league fixtures for both sides this weekend. However, escaping defeat at Leicester is not something Arsenal have done a lot of in recent years; having lost each of our last three trips up there in all competitions.

Even so, we have progressed past the third-round of this competition in 1 of the last 17 seasons. Mikel Arteta already won two trophies in his nine months in charge, but it remains to be seen just how seriously he will take this match, especially with a trip to Liverpool a matter of days away.

Likewise, Brendan Rodgers’ side got a difficult jaunt of their own to Man City. So if him and Mikel ring in the changes as expected, this could come down to which side got the better squad depth and how well they gel together with playing time in such short supply.

Team news

Eddie Nketiah is likely to profit from rotation, and join Bukayo Saka and Nicolas Pépé in a front three.

One would assume Mesut Özil is a possible option in behind, but he hasn’t had a look in post-lockdown and that is unlikely to change.

We still got so many defenders still in the treatment room, that David Luiz could be the only one coming in. Cédric is carrying an injury and it’s unlikely Kieran Tierney, who was withdrawn 10 minutes before West Ham to mess with that particular gameplan, will be risked ahead of the Anfield trip.

In goal, new boy Runar Alex Runarsson could be in line for a swift debut.


On paper, a bit of tricky encounter for the Gunners, considering three straight defeats from our last three trips to the KP. However, with mass rotation anticipated both sides, it should be expected for our depth to carry us through. COYG!

— @LaboGoon

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70 comments on “Will It Be A Cup Of Cheer?

  1. but rich how can anyone call him a generational talent though


  2. This got nothing to do with personal values. Özil’s treatment, that of Kosc and so many others is/was not fair. But do you think how I feel will move the needle at the Emirates?

    I got a simple choice here, I can either wallow in self-pity and make everyone else miserable, or I can suck it up? It’s that simple.

    If I don’t enjoy watching Arsenal anymore, than what would be the point carrying on?


  3. So the club is treating staff badly but that should not bother us?
    The way we play should not bother us?
    Being lied too, should not bother us?
    Is their anything that could happen that should bother us? Or should be just stfu and cheer?
    When I’m so committed to something, and that something changes to something I no longer respect, I should shut up and be happy?


  4. And btw, it has everything to do with my personal values, because my values matching that of the club was the reason I loved it so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I never said I’m happy with any of those you mentioned, but I’m also not gonna scream about it till I’m blue in the face.

    And are you really gonna tie the lack of having a meltdown to a lack of values?


  6. Yes, I’m having meltdowns because I am upset with the loss of values. And you are telling me how I should feel and behave , because you’re not bothered enough to be upset.


  7. And I’m not saying you should be upset, just that I am.


  8. In your initial comment you questioned the values of those not having meltdowns.

    Is this legrove / aftv rabbit hole really the one you and shotta want to wander down?


  9. And there we have it. Why not just say “Your not an Arsenal fan, your an Ozil/Wenger/Ramsey(take your pick)fan”?
    Imagine not liking the direction of the club and saying so! Awful bad form.


  10. The problem is when you love something so much for so long you start to ignore the blemishes. Having said that ARSENAL were always a “Class” club and Arsene raised that even more by his own moral values that were so high he even got beaten by them.
    Perversely Mikel has made the team more Arsene like but the club in the background stinks even after the removal of Raal.
    At the moment I still keep telling myself the club will find its class again but with no evidence to back that up.
    The other thing to remember is ARSENAL are just a part of the pile of manure that has always accompanied the PL.
    Unfortunately capitalism and corruption run hand in hand and the more money that floods in the worse it gets.
    The PL, the PGMOL, the owners are all dodgy and ARSENAL are just a microcosm of that. We notice it more because it’s our club but it’s there all over.
    To continue enjoying football you have put your head in sand and try and just concentrate on on field aspects. I try and ignore most fans, transfer stories, pundits and even watch most games with the sound turned down.
    The game has become perverted and it’s difficult to love it as I have for fifty years and the percentage I love is an ever decreasing circle which is why the play on the pitch has to be beautiful and that is is even more important.when it isn’t like under Emery it just makes me walk away from football completely.


  11. What tf is that? I’m talking about the increasing negativity. The two of you have in no uncertain terms withdrawn your support for Arteta nine months into the job.

    And you treat anyone else as too stupid for not doing the same.


  12. Too stupid or “lacking values”


  13. i absolutely admit to increasing negativity, with every shitty thing the club does. and I make no apologies for it either. I will not support the club as positively as it crawls along the gutter.


  14. Well you are certainly entitled to that. And on my side I make no apologies for a refusal to sound like a stuck record moaning about the same thing each passing day. Even if some may think it’s only due to a lack of values.


  15. No Labo, I couldn’t have been clearer “People have their own values.”


  16. Laurent Koscielny on Canal+ to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on staying at Arsenal: “Aubame, congratulations on your contract extension. I reckon your banker must be happy!”

    Aubameyang: “(laughs) that’s for sure, that’s for sure!”


  17. Ed (think I’ll stay out of other stuff as not up for anything heavy right now)- generational talent?

    Suppose it has a bit more going for it, as useful phrase, than world class but I’m not really fussed about those categorisations. Good old average, good, very good, great, excellent, etc do job for me.

    But no, shouldn’t think he’s that close to same class as Mbappe, who truly is a, well… generational talent? Mbappe’s in that rarefied all time great zone already. Only injuries can stop him.

    Really, I’m not sure exactly how good Auour is or can be. I’d be very pleased if he joined though. Looks a player who can do special things, and hopefully that cm who can get 5-10 goals a year that we need. plenty of players do serious kicking on at his age or even a little older.


  18. ha ha ha Jermaine Jenas saying EPL should not have to play to the same rules at the rest of the leagues in the World, cos the EPL is a product, Brexit means Brexit


  19. I’m still staggered Jenas got that gig. He must have something on someone.


  20. The thing about the Ozil issue that puzzles me is why is his camp so quiet? If he is being deliberately sidelined then I would have thought he might have made it clear that he was alive and well and itching to play. And if he has signed a NDA then could we assume that getting his wages paid is the most important thing and that he too is just following orders?
    Which does make me wonder if it is far more complicated than we think.


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