Do We Have To Hate Spurs To Be “Proper Arsenal”?

Last night I caused a bit of a kerfuffle on twitter when I posted this .


No doubt in my mind that I want Spurs to beat Chelsea, and beat them well.

Apparently this is unacceptable to the “Local club for local people, proper Arsenal” crew, and was interpreted to mean that I want Spurs to win. Well I don’t want them to win, I don’t want them to win anything, but I do want Chelsea to win less. Much as it irks us, one of them will win the COC, I would prefer that not to be Chelsea.

People who know me ,know that a big part of why I love Arsenal with such passion is down the the ethos and playing style of the the club. Chelsea are the polar opposite of what I respect and love about Arsenal, So yes, I want them to win less than Spurs. And I make no apologies for this.

Of course I understand that for many people who are “local fans” they would want Spurs to lose less. This doesn’t rile me. Its their choice. The reality is though , that I am not a local fan. I have never even met a Spurs fan, so how am I expect to get it?

What does rile me is that these people want to set the parameters for my support. I have to feel like them otherwise I am not a real Arsenal fan. They, the “local club for local people ,proper Arsenal” fans decide what good support is. Is it a coincidence that the ones that resorted to abuse towards me ,are for the most, the same fans who abuse me for my support of Arsene. The same ones who tell me I’m not a real fan because I back him ?

These people are insistent that to be a proper fan you must see Spurs as the biggest rival. Because its a local thing? Right? Yet they seem unable to grasp that local fans do not make up the vast majority of the fan base.

I know hundreds of United fans and not one single Spurs fan, so who am I ‘liable to see as the biggest rival? Who would you think I would want to beat more? Go on , hazard a wild guess !

Did you guess United?

You were right then. But according to these narrow minded halfwits, that means I cant be a real Arsenal supporter.

What is more worrying than anything is that these people can’t grasp it. We all must feel like them to be “proper Arsenal”

Now, there are many non-local fans that see Spurs as our biggest rivals. They may be old enough to remember when Spurs were actually rivals at all in football terms, or they may have simply bought into the traditional rivalry. That’s understandable to me. I get it. But seriously,does that make them better fans? Well it seems they think it does.

Are people from all over the globe expected to see Spurs are the biggest rivals? That’s Spurs, a mid table team that never finishes above Arsenal? Really? Why? Well I will tell you why, its because the “local club for local fan, proper Arsenal” feel they have the right to dictate how other should feel about their club. Because its their club, not our club, its theirs.

Ok  I then tweeted these

Here is another bombshell. I dont hate the fans of any club. They are just doing what we do following the club of their choice >

>I dont really see the difference from hating a set of supporters to hating an ethnic group or people from another country.

More howls from the mentally challenged.

Again I make no apologies for this,  hating people because they support another football team is tribalism.

Justifying hatred by calling it “football rivalry” is about as lame as it gets in my opinion.

Some people actually told me that I didn’t understand because I have never had a fight with a Spurs fan. They were scum.

What? Are they sub-human?

The notion that its ok to hate people because they are doing exactly what we are doing, supporting the club of their choice is a a notion that has led to all sorts of barbarity in the past.

The very idea that hatred for someone else makes you a better fan is so off its not true.

If you feel the necessity to hate in order to love, you really need to reevaluate your life and your support.

Perhaps start by moving into the 21st century?

Finally I tweeted

I am getting hate because I don’t hate random people I’ve never met, from random people I’ve never met. Seems reasonable.

Think about that for a moment. I think it tells me exactly the type of person we are dealing with here.

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112 comments on “Do We Have To Hate Spurs To Be “Proper Arsenal”?

  1. Follow

    Manuel Pellegrini: “We had one big team playing as a big team, and one big team playing as a small team, like Stoke.” Classic

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  2. seemingly Chelsea did not even have a shot after they scored in the 41st minute


  3. is there some rule that states Matic can not be called up on his fouls, and can not be carded


  4. the hypocrisy of the English media is clear to see after the chelsea game today, when arsenal fail to win with 5, 6 or 7 players missing “it no excuse”, but for Chelsea “its a job well done as they were missing 2 players”

    Wenger missed a press call and all hell broke loose against him in the media, jose refuses to do pre match press call yesterday and again refused to attend after game press call today and “its all mind games” and a “stroke of genius” from him, I think the media are stroking something of Jose’s or want to.

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  5. Yet more reasons to despise the scum that is borinho and chelski. As much as people are still calling for a ‘world class DM’ at Arsenal, nobody wearing red and white would get away with what chelski gets away with on a consistent basis.


  6. its being reported that Arsenal are about to begin talks with Theo Walcott on a new 5 year contract, and the deal could be done by March.


  7. Shocking display from the Chavs. On their own ground at that. Very interesting that Fabregas hammy prevented him from playing as well. Fairly obvious that was just a tactical decision by the master of 19th century football himself.


  8. Fabregas has been having hamstring problems for as long as I remember.

    Pressure on the lads again tomorrow with the results today. Villa will obviously be looking for a draw so patience will be key, from players and fans. An early goal wouldn’t go amiss though.

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  9. Arsene Wenger, and thus by association Arsenal, is a specialist in failure. I know this because Jose said so. This truth does not of course consider the fact that Wenger is the Premier League’s most enduring manager. Nor does it take into account Wenger’s haul of trophies during this period in Arsenal’s history. And as for the reality that the club had to make repayments on a new stadium whilst Chelsea and Manchester City were financially and cosmetically transformed into Godzilla-like mutations during this time, is something that should be conveniently filed away in the recesses of memory. No, the fact is that when Jose speaks, we must accept. We must submit to his belligerence. It’s inescapable. Like morning breath. This is how the narrative must follow. Once those words left his lips, it was inevitable that they would be used to mock Arsenal’s next significant defeat. It’s become clearer as Chelsea have moved to the Premier League’s summit, that he had been merely playing an elaborate game of bluff. His personal attacks on his rivals over the last month or so have been as acidic as they have ever been, if not worse. And he uses these barbs to great effect because he clearly has friends and admirers in the media who hang on his every poisonous utterance. This is a man who is prepared to win at all costs, however ugly. In fact, he’s probably worse than his original Stamford Bridge incarnation, because he clearly doesn’t have anything to prove this time around. But he nevertheless persists. Goading, prodding, mocking. As a result, I’m going to go so far as to suggest that Chelsea will be Champions in May. Why? Because the Premier League, like any other story fits into a genre. And a genre is reliant on repetition. We all instinctively understand the basic conventions and have clear expectations. When Roman eventually and inevitably calls time on Mourinho, it will be a blessing for all concerned.


  10. I realize that, dk. Just pretty interesting that after his stinker and arguably worst performance in a Chelsea shirt against Liverpool he is out after Mourinho fields a very conservative side at home against the defending champs. Wasn’t his hammy acting up when he was angling for his move to Barca as well?


  11. Well said, Yido6061. He does seem to be sinking to greater depths to achieve his success. But then again he has been scared of Wenger for a long time. Whether it was tapping up Cole, or hijacking transfer targets with their filthy lucre, or parking the bus on their own ground Mourinho will never be able to.outclass Wenger. He might get results but they aren’t the be all end all for 98 percent of football fans no matter what these puppets in the media will have you believe. The journey is often the best part for me.

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