Looking In And Out Of Arsenal’s Window

There we have it then, the window is firmly shut.

Looking in through the window of summer 2014 I can see a nice collection of players have been acquired for our future entertainment.

We have some genuine competition for the goalkeeping position in David Ospina. He may or may not be better than Fabianski but I feel he is a bigger threat to Wojciech simply because he has no baggage; he has never been dubbed with a disrespectful nickname like “Flappianski”.

The French No.1 RB Debuchy has replaced the French No. 2 LB Sagna, and he looks to have a better delivery and be equal to Bac in other departments.  He is of course younger.

Chambers can play at CB, LB and we are assured CDM. That is good news for us going forward and he looks a real gem.

We wanted a world class striker, well that is exactly what Alexis Sanchez is. It’s no good saying he is not a striker – Arsene says that is what he has bought him as. Therefore that is what he is.

Joel Campbell has come in and Arsene has been good to his word and kept him at the club. Had we bought him, people would be very excited about his acquisition.

That’s 5 very good players who have come into the squad before yesterday’s madness.

People (very stupid people) say most, if not all, of these players are replacements and not additions. Completely ignoring the fact that with a fixed limit of 25 squad players, ALL incoming players can only be replacements. All that it is possible to do is replace squad players with better squad players. As far as that goes I feel we have done just that.

In addition to these, yesterday we signed Danny Welbeck from MUFC. With Giroud being long term injured we needed a player who can play at CF and link-up play. It seems he is ideal for that.

Back in June I was arguing on twitter with someone who suggested we should sell Giroud and replace him with Welbeck. This was my tweeted reply

“If we replaced Giroud with Welbeck, I’d join the BSM, AST, start reading Le Grove and be a WOB overnight.

I stand by that.

Giroud is, in my opinion, a better player than Welbeck, and I would have been furious if we had sold Giroud and Welbeck was his replacement. However as an understudy and cover for injury, he will more than suffice. He is also of an age that a big leap forward could easily be achieved.

Now, looking out of the window I can see some players walking by that we could have bought.

A CB seemed to me a must. Goodness only know why we didn’t get one, and when I next see Goodness,I’ll ask him why!

Perhaps I would also have looked for a DM that could learn from Mikel and cover for him when he needs a rest. But we do have Flamini and perhaps Jack too. I think if jack wants a starting place, the holding role looks his best bet. We’ll see.

All in all I think its been a good window. I also think if the right players had been available then we would have gotten them and it would have been even better.

I feel that had Giroud not been injured it would have appeared a lot more impressive a window than it is currently perceived.

However, whether we are completely happy or not, we march on with the troops we have, at least until January when the madness will begin again.


By pedantic george aka @Blackburngeorge

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359 comments on “Looking In And Out Of Arsenal’s Window

  1. Hi Zim Paul,

    We haven’t spoken a great deal but I have been reading your contributions for years now both here and previously. Without knowing you on a personal level I can tell that you are one of the good guys in this world. I’ve always enjoyed the way you see football, different to most and there is almost a poetic feel to everything you write. As many have said I hope you are on the mend and over the worst.

    All the very best to you.



  2. ZP, I can’t even think of anything funny or ridiculous to put a smile on your face,just,we love you mate-always one of the true gentlemen on here & the other place. God bless,brother.


  3. maximum Cheers ZP… you have always been a joy to read and i trust you will get strong enough to write again in the next few weeks…. take your time to get stronger wont you? i don’t like the tone of …bye arsenal friends… I hope t is rather BYE FOR NOW? and so I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU TO GET WELL SOON….that’s the best i can offer a brother that is afar off…


  4. Dearest Zim,

    I haven’t known you for very long, but feel as if I have known you for ever – which is what happens when there is a true meeting of minds as there is on this site which you have graced so wonderfully. It was always your thoughts I looked for first, and I always wondered if I had in fact met you at some stage in our respective travels. May your God go with you and rest assured you are forever in our thoughts, especially when Arsene makes one of his idiosyncratic little substitutions after 82 minutes that has us all scratching our heads. Come on you Gunner.


  5. Zim, I just want to echo what others have said and especially Andrew’s comment above – classy and insightful sums up your contribution to the world of Arsenal rather nicely.
    Hope we hear from you again very soon.


  6. Zim

    I am relieved that you are well enough to post on here. I cannot add much more than my fellow Positivistas have already written about you. You were missed because your posts are rather different, they are all erudite, sober and fair. I sincerely hope things will get better and we hear from you soon and on a regular basis.


  7. Big hugs to you too Zim
    We’ve missed you


  8. I cannot remember a contribution that was not thoughtful, informed and a genuine addition to the discussion ZP

    Til we meet again


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